Chinese Simplified
Seven (7) districts: CaoFeiDian, LuNan, LuBei, KaiPing, GuYe, FengRun and FengNan...[more]
The name of TangShan originated in Tang Dynasty. In the 19th year...[more]
TangShan is a national comprehensive transportation hub, a regional...[more]
Rich and varied natural resources: TangShan is rich in natural resources. The numberresources discovered and reserves...[more]
Regional GDP: 612.12 billion yuan, an 8.3% increase over the last year, raProvince; discovered and reserves proved are as many...[more]
  • Airport service hotline:
  • Tickets service:
  • Downtown Tickets Booking Office Add: Lugang Business Travel Agency ,Lubei District
  • Tangshan Department Store:2821772
  • Tangshan Yintai Department Store:3739888
  • Tangshan Tianxing Department Store:2246266
  • Li Laodie:2841449
  • Chongqing Taste Spicy Grandma:2011155
  • South Beauty:6818701
Country and District profiles
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